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Terrence & The Optimistics were frozen in the late 70’s and were recently thawed out to fight the evil Dr Depresso, who is holding the world to ransom for 1 million billion dollars by threatening to release another decade of sad and depressing music unless his demands are met. Having not lived through and experienced much of the recent sexual revolution, their music is still full of sexy disco dance themes from the 70’s. However, they believe their music is truly futuristic sounding as it has a groovy 80’s disco/alt-rock vibe.

The freezing of the band was quite by accident. Some say Terrence got into the dog tucker freezer after a heavy night of drinking rocking out with the Optimistics. He was looking for somewhere to take a nap and the band just followed him in. No one really noticed until the farm was sold and the dog tucker freezer got emptied out. A few hours with a blow dryer later and everyone was fine. Lucky for the world, the band thought it was just another day after a great gig.

So, now the party continues...


This project was started in 2019 by Terrence Bull while completing a diploma in music. At the end of band practice, he started playing an old guitar lick he had made up years earlier. Everyone began jamming to it and it rocked. He thought it might be worth recording a song around it as it had such a great live feel.

He then wrote and recorded 'You've Got to Groove' around this lick. The song got rave reviews and, in particular, a young girl suffering from depression said she loved it as it 'took her to her happy place'. He loved the idea that his music could make a positive difference in a world so full of depression - and so 'Terrence & The Optimistics' was born: an Austin Powers style comedic work centred around a positive, fun, tongue-in-cheek 80's groovy disco/alt-rock vibe.  

He wrote and recorded the 'Groovy Baby' EP: a group of songs all with a similar feel and theme as 'You've Got to Groove'. But this is just the beginning. He is currently writing more songs to complete an entire album and is working with local musicians to put a live act together to take the album on tour. 

Terrence has always had a heart for helping others. As a business and Marketing Consultant, he has always been focused on helping others achieve their dreams.  He has also been deeply involved in humanitarian work in Africa since 1994. 

Recently returning from 3 years in Africa doing humanitarian work, he was at a loose end and decided to revive a music career he had left many years earlier. He had left music as a career when he turned down a recording contract with Warner Brothers Australia - as his burgeoning advertising agency was taking off and demanded more of his time. He saw a diploma in music as a way of reconnecting with the industry. Having passed with distinction, he is now looking forward to a future of using music to help a world stuck in depression and depressing music. 

He believes that there are too many sad songs around and wants to get a movement going bringing back the fun and frivolous 70's/80's disco/alt-rock era when there was more of a fun dance vibe happening. He truly believes in #ArtistsSupportingArtists and is working with a number of Indie musicians who all support and promote each other.

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